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About Wet Wild and Fast

We're pretty simple folks, and just proud to be living the dream where life is about finding the time for elemental pleasures of sun, surf, sand, water, and adrenaline. There's little else in life that could be so rewarding as a day of "Research & Development" on products such as ours. We enjoy our wares, our vendor relationships, our supportive and loyal customer base, and all the others who provide anything from programming help to surf reports to graphic designs.

North Carolina has been home to this company in more than one sense. It was the birthplace of the owner, and he grew up on bodies of water including Lake Norman, and White Lake, North Carolina. Moving to the coast was a predictable next step.

Surf City, North Carolina has been home to Wet Wild and Fast since its inception in 2006. It was in this coastal setting that the love of skimboarding overtook all other leisure time pursuits, and what had begun as an all-purpose watersports catalog became focused on this one singular passion.

In the quest for a perfect skimboard, as consumers, our staff has acquired production boards from all sorts of brands and we've combined the best attributes and design elements from everywhere. We are now serving all the world with handbuilt skimboards CUSTOM-MADE IN AMERICA.

For the guy or girl who enjoys bragging rights with a totally custom ride, or for a few boards to be sent as gifts, or a few thousand custom boards to be used as retail displays and promotionals... we're your single source.

Put your feet on a W2F Custom Skimboard, and you'll fly like never before. We love all sources of natural adrenaline, but nothing beats skimming for a really sublime day. We're not claiming to be the fastest and most radical athletes, nor the richest and hugest skimboard brand you could find. But we love what we do, and we only do it `cause we love it so much. We're dedicated to making your experience extremely Wet Wild and Fast. ...Enjoy!!

Wet Wild and Fast