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Got a favorite color or two? Colorways are the "palette" of your design.

Your colorways may include the background color applied to the surface of your board, and/or the dominant color of the graphical pattern itself. Some patterns (like the racing stripe) are available in a wide range of colors. Some patterns (such as a sunset photo) wouldn't make much sense in any other hue. Your choice of colorways will depend on your choice of pattern.

The board itself can be finished as natural wood, or with a translucent wood stain that is dark brown. Your board could be painted instead, with a solid-color enamel.

Just as a tip for those hardcore riders out there: The natural wood finish seems most-durable because it allows the epoxy to bind itself directly into the porous surface (the nooks and crannies) of the wood. Putting anything, pattern or paint or stain or label or decal, between these bonding surfaces will have a tendency to reduce the life of your finish.

If you don't feel like making any complicated decisions, we will just go with the standard choices for your board and pattern colorways: Our default is always the natural wood finish, and whichever pattern colorway is displayed in the website example.

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