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Legal stuff we have to say, to avoid trouble:


Skimboarding will hurt you sometimes: You'll fall and get scraped on the sand. Sand is abrasive. When you're doing it right, going fast for maximum glide will also bring you the maximum penalty on each wipeout. Over time you'll learn to fall more gracefully, absorbing most of the impact without cracking your head or removing big patches of skin. But yes, you will still have falls where you bleed, and falls where you sprain your wrist, and falls where you get hit in the ankle by your board. We cannot be responsible for any of that. You skim at your own risk.

The other thing is, we cannot be responsible for the terrain you run across. These boards can withstand miles and miles of open sand. But if you have graphics on the bottom of your board, that can weaken the bond between the wood core and the epoxy. It looks cool, and generally lasts well. But since our print material is softer than the wood, your printed regions can be gouged by rocks and shells along the shore. Then water gets behind your custom print. Then the epoxy starts to peel away. So we strongly advise you to avoid any graphics on the bottom of the board. And, we cannot warranty the bottom surface when you've placed graphics there.

So if you return a board under the one-year warranty, and the board is not broken but the bottom is severely damaged, we are gonna look for two things. First, did it have graphics on the bottom? If so then your claim will not be honored. Second, did you run it over rocks and boulders all day every day? If the bottom looks like it was attacked by a rabid grizzly bear, we probably won't honor that warranty claim either. But if you were just a fanatical skimboarder who gradually wore through the epoxy surface and into the woodwork with daily riding, hey, we like you. We know what that looks like. We happily replace those items so you can keep cruising.

The warranty doesn't extend another year from the date of replacement, though. Then it would go forever, ya know? We only keep you covered for the first full year, starting from the date of your original purchase.

Thanks for reading this stuff. We hope it made good sense. And if not, let us hear your questions okay? We can discuss whatever you need to know.

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