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Useful [and/or] Fun Links

This really cool bulldog, makes skimboarding look easy! If he can do it, anyone can.

On the other end of the spectrum, this is no bull, dog!

If you like speed, LOTS OF IT, and you don't have any major objection to friction burns then you might want to launch yourself down the beach with one of these contraptions.
The Grinch, from Distortion Boarding   -or-   A Banshee Bungee ...YEE-HAAAHH!

Supposing you know anybody who poo-poohs the whole notion of skimboarding, maybe they ought to read this article.

Alternately, they could watch this video, which makes even the most novice attempts toward skimboarding seem like a whole lotta' fun.

These boards are nice retro-styled "woodies", at a premium price. [We're not too greedy to help you find some of the cool products that we don't offer.]

Hey, if you want to buy thousands of cheap, throwaway skimboards at budget prices from overseas; don't call us. We don't carry those... Give these guys a chance to practice their Engrish!

This is just a general-purpose blog with lovely photos from a fantastic island down in the South Pacific.

Skimboarding isn't always the action-packed athletic stuff seen in competition. Often it's great just to cruise effortlessly along the beach for relaxation. Spend a couple of minutes to see how our owner spends his afternoons:  Skimming to unwind

Stuff that Google thought would be cool to show you:

Wet Wild and Fast