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Graphical Patterns

The graphical layout you choose will be the single most influential element of your custom board's overall appearance. It could be colorful or muted, line art or photography, angular or fluid, rebellious or sublime. What's your style? Are you a shredder, a pirate, a sand angel? (Hey, they have snow angels, why not sand angels?) Maybe rainbows and butterflies are not for you. Go with tattoo art.

We don't want to limit you. You can choose anything you like from among our images and trim pieces. There's no charge for building your unique board, with any selection offered here on this site.

If our library does not include your perfect image or design, send your own!!! We charge a $20 art fee for rebuilding and formatting your graphics to go through our manufacturing process. A small price to pay for total creative latitude. Anything you can fit onto an 11" x 17" panel, or multiple panels, can be transferred onto your board. Cut-out shapes are permitted too, within reason. I mean, we're not doing intricate mosaics and stained glass window patterns here, but ovals and logos are cool. Write us with your idea!

Some people want patterns and branding on both top and bottom surfaces of their board. If you request decorative elements on the bottom of your board, this surface will not be covered under our one-year warranty. But it'll look groovy. Call or write us to discuss these exceptional orders. Our shopping cart doesn't facilitate such random things, but we will accommodate whatever you need.

After choosing your graphic style, go on and pick the background "colorway", add your name or some favorite slang expression, pick the right shape for your needs, and throw the whole package into your shopping cart.

What, no money? It will stay in your cart for a long time. Create an account with us and we'll remember what you want. You can login later and show your friends, your family, or whoever has got the checkbook and credit cards. Drag a laptop to the lap of your favorite benefactor. We can do this deal whenever you feel good-n-ready. That's how we roll.

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