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Arcs along each side of the board will carve smooth turns, on shore or in the waves. Board area is maximized beneath each foot, for secure balance. Widening surface area at the nose resists plowing in deeper waters. Water which would normally exit to each side, remains trapped beneath this shape as it tapers outward toward the tail; providing increased lift and longer glides. Twist action across waistline of board, enables responsive foot control of spins. Gentle rocker provides lift with minimal drag. Cutouts at each end serve 7 purposes: They are convenient and secure handholds. They allow the rider to overtake the board and lunge forward into the "sweet spot" of the board area, without stubbing toes. They create twin tails to serve as pivot points for hard turns. They reduce the weight and turning moment of the board, coupling the responsiveness of a short board with the extended carving rails and stability of a longer board. They reduce the tendency for an airborne board to flip around its longitudinal axis, and make it self-righting if a toss or kick doesn't land exactly flat. (If the nose ever touches the water) the cutout shape will actually gather water toward the centerline of the board to increase the flow beneath, prolonging your glide. By contrast, a pointy nose tends to plow the water off to each side, then grind to a stop. They help to break suction and allow water to flow through, when the board is being lifted from sand at the shore. Twin-Tip symmetry offers all the above, going backward!