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Board Shapes

We offer three basic shapes:


Skimboarding's first major evolution came with the introduction of the fish shape, swallowtail boards. Their notched trailing edge winglets provide a little extra bite for maneuvering; making them very directional as compared with the more forgiving any-which-way teardrop shape. RETRO FISH is a quick, responsive shape. It's also possible for the rider to dig the points of the tail for a controlled braking action. This can help to avoid some giant wipeouts.

Our RETRO FISH is great fun on speed runs. It has the closest similarity to the surfboard shapes made popular in the dominant surf industry. Although other shapes may offer better all-around performance, this shape is by far the most popular one for gifts, signs, logos, promotional displays, and other surf-related marketing applications. It is visually appealing. Looks hot, standing still!


The TWIN TIP is our most versatile shape. Our TWIN TIP is optimized for throwing radical stunts. Its size and symmetry gives maximum maneuverability for spinning tricks. It is the quickest to respond to your weight shifts and body rotation.

The TWIN TIP is a board for freestyle riding, cruising, going backward and sideways, carving waves, making major speed, catching air, and impressing the opposite sex! It's smooth and sophisticated. It has everything you'll need or want in a skimboard. The outline is perfect. The double-rocker is versatile. The symmetry is elegant. And the construction is bulletproof, not exotic. The finish is deep and durable. Still the price point is attainable.


Our HYPERBOLIC shape is a next-generation cruiser. It gives consistent turns by following the long cutaway arcs along each side of the board outline. Since skimboards have no fins, this is the closest feeling to being "on rails". You can steer, rotate, or brake the board with incredibly accurate foot response. Its expanded surface area supports full-sized adult riders better than any of our other boards, and its wide nose resists being submerged as you enter deeper waters.

These premium boards are the smoothest most forgiving, longest gliding, most amazing skimboards on the market today. Riders at every level will appreciate these attributes.

But their true identity is whatever you make of it.
Build a custom W2F skimboard, and reveal yourself!

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