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Shipping Procedures

We take about two weeks to put your custom order through our production life-cycle. There's time for capturing the order, building a composite proof graphic, sending the mock-up through our graphic design department where they finalize the pattern with your custom text and colorway, assembling your board, applying the paint (if needed) and epoxy, then drying and curing time, packing, and finally shipping.

You will be notified by e-mail when your product has shipped. We will include your tracking numbers, so you can wait with eager anticipation, on the appropriate day.

We are not responsible for delays or loss during shipping. These are beyond our control, and such matters should be taken up with your selected shipper; either UPS or the US Postal Service.

We also are not responsible for tiny differences between your quoted shipping rate, and the actual price of shipping when the item is sent several days later. These prices are subject to market fluctuations. We give you the accurate quote, direct from the carriers' online computers, on the occasion when your order is placed. After that, it may go up or down a little bit. Mostly, we "eat" the difference because prices keep going up. Occasionally they dip down and our company gets a break.

The alternative would be for us to leave your credit card authorization "pending" for almost two weeks, and then adjust the total when we settle the payment -- like what restaurants do with their tip amounts. But we don't like to surprise people with a different amount after a two-week delay. The results get really ugly. So we're doing the best we can to keep you happy, really we are. We like your business, and we hope you'll keep coming back for more Wet Wild and Fast action; scraped knees and all!

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