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W2F Skimboards

Our boards have the best characteristics for a super-long glide.

On our skimboards, you can glide, and glide, and glide. The TWIN TIP and HYPERBOLIC shapes are the most versatile of all. You can kick the board ahead of you, take a few running steps and keep your speed up, from one glide into the next. If it gets turned around, the shape is symmetric so it's still going "forward" whenever it's backward. If you try kicking-ahead with a super lightweight skimboard it will probably go airborne and flip over. Ours are not really heavy. (They float nicely.) But they do carry enough momentum to hold their course and keep coasting. Nothing else will give you such awesome continuity in your skimming.

If you have a scalloped shoreline, with some dry patches between the skimming areas, you can usually kick our boards all the way across the dry patches. When the board skids into the next wet region ahead, you can just jump on again and continue gliding down the beach.

A moderately weighted board also helps on those really windy days at the beach. Nothing's more frustrating than to toss your board for a perfect skimming run, and have the wind yank it sideways. This is the reason you'll see pro skimmers kicking clumps of sand up under the nose of their lightweight boards, to add enough mass for a predictable throw. Our boards are balanced for ideal handling in all conditions.

Woodies are generally seen as the "Beginner" or low-end boards. Not so with ours! A full coat of pour-on epoxy finish seals in the woodwork, and the artwork, providing a long-lasting friction resistant surface. These boards are tough, with none of the worries about dings on the rail, like you'd have with a composite board. You can scuff across rocks and shells without fear that you're going to puncture your $600 "foamie".


They're so rugged, we offer a full one year warranty! You send back a broken board during your first year of ownership, and if it doesn't show signs of deliberate abuse we will replace it.

Our company owner goes skimming several miles a day, and rides HARD! He wears out a board in roughly three months. Failure occurs after the rails have been eroded completely, from the constant friction of the sand. Bare wood is exposed. The board begins to flex more at those points where the epoxy has been stripped away. The wooden core begins to be notched and eaten away by the continual abrasion. Finally at one of those weakened flex points, the board will crack. But this sort of failure happens gradually, after thousands and thousands of rides. It does not come as a surprise. You can put one of these high-mileage boards on your wall after it's spent, and brag about all the battlescars. With normal use, our boards should last the typical rider for many seasons. They'll go through a couple of summers for an aggressive rider, who's more competitive and likes to show off.

Our TWIN TIP and HYPERBOLIC boards have a heavy-duty weight class with a 265 pound limit, so you should never outgrow either of these. They are as smooth and stable as a beginner's board, but also have advanced shapes for carving turns in the deeper water.


Our TWIN TIP is best for throwing radical stunts. Its size and symmetry gives maximum maneuverability for spinning tricks. It is the quickest to respond to your weight shifts and body rotation.


Our HYPERBOLIC shape is a next-generation cruiser. It gives amazing turning response by following the long cutaway arcs along each side of the board outline. Since skimboards have no fins, this is the closest feeling to being "on rails" when you carve a turn along the shoreline or in deeper water. You can steer, rotate, or brake the board with the incredibly sensitive and accurate foot response. Its extended surface area supports full-sized adult riders better than any of our other boards, and its wide nose resists being submerged as you enter deeper waters.

These premium boards are the smoothest most forgiving, longest gliding, most amazing skimboards on the market today. Riders at every level will appreciate these attributes.


Our RETRO FISH is a directional shape intended for speed runs. It carves turns nicely. It has the closest similarity to the surfboard shapes made popular in the dominant surf industry. Although other shapes may offer better skimboard performance, this shape is by far the most popular one for gifts, signs, logos, promotional displays, and other surf-related marketing applications. It is visually appealing. Looks hot, standing still!

We hope you'll discover for yourself, the amazing quality and performance of a custom skimboard from Wet Wild and Fast. W2F is proud to bring you the very best skimboards in the world!

Wet Wild and Fast