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Our Warranty

Our warranty is a by-product of exceptional craftsmanship. Everyone agrees that these boards are nearly indestructible. So we'll stand by them for an entire year.

Things go haywire before a year, and you let us know okay? We'll make it right.

The warranty covers defects in manufacture, or de-lamination, or major cracks. You know, stuff that makes the board totally worthless to ride. Don't come to us crying because the sand has worn the epoxy off your rails. That just tends to happen, after a few hundred miles. So when you've totally wrung out the life from your board, and it has served you reliably -- just buck up and buy another! It's totally worth it.

Warranty claims should be emailed to us with clear hi-res photos of the damage, and a written explanation of how it happened. We use this information to improve the manufacturing and quality control for all the new boards being built. Thanks!

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